Dr. Susan Krumdieck

Dr. Susan Krumdieck

Professor of Energy Transition Engineering, International Centre for Island Technology

Susan’s research and teaching since 2000 at Canterbury University in New Zealand focused on developing the engineering methods and innovative technologies for adaptation to reduced fossil fuel production and consumption. She is an expert in developing new ideas for achieving decarbonization in transportation systems and through urban regeneration of buildings for creating integrated activity systems. Her visionary contributions involve downshift the need for fossil fuels in the urban built environment and transportation activity systems by developing new GIS and modelling methods that combine diverse aspects of urban systems. Her research group has produced ground-breaking ideas about engineering in development policy and community vision by communicating in new ways about history and the long-term future. The research asks, “Given that 80% reduction in greenhouse gas is an engineering requirement, the context of complex problems of unsustainability can be defined, and value of transition is understood, what is the next practical and transformative project for a given city or company?” 

Dr. Krumdieck was appointed Chair in Energy Transition Engineering at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland in 2020, where she leads the academic programme of the Islands Centre for Net Zero. The ICNZ was announced in 2021 with £16.5M in core funding. Susan is the leader of a group of engineering professionals and academics establishing the field of Transition Engineering. She is the co-founder and a Trustee of the Global Association for Transition Engineering (GATE). Transition Engineering is a new movement in all disciplines. All engineers can work on designing and carrying out change projects for industry and the public sector that meet COP21 targets while providing multiple near and long-term benefits. She was appointed to the RSNZ Energy Panel in 2005, and contributed to long-term energy transition analysis and the role of demand side innovations. She was selected as the IET prestige lecturer in 2010, and presented the lecture on Transition Engineering around New Zealand and in London and Brussels. She won the CU Gold Sustainability Award in 2011 for organizing Signs of Change, the first national no-travel conference, and Silver Sustainability award in 2013 for her work on From the Ground Up, an urban re-development approach. She has worked with Professor Frank Kreith on the first energy engineering text with coverage of Transition Engineering. Her new book, Transition Engineering, Building a Sustainable Future, was published in 2019 and she was awarded the UC Sustainability Award in recognition. Professor Krumdieck was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit in the 2020 New Year’s Honours. 

Susan was recipient of a fellowship from the Scientific Council of Grenoble INP for research and teaching, and she delivered a well-received course on Transition Engineering in 2015. This fellowship has led to on-going research collaboration, participation in proposals, delivery of workshops, and adoption of Transition Engineering as one of 5 new streams for focus of the ENSE3 Institute. She also received a fellowship to teach a Masters course on Transition Engineering at University of Duisburg-Essen in 2015. In 2016 and 2017 Susan was a guest of Bristol University where she presented workshops on Transition Engineering and consulted with an academic working group to design a curriculum for a Transition Engineering Masters. Susan was an Honorary Fellow of Munich University of Applied Sciences in 2018 for research collaboration and to teach a semester course on Transition Engineering. 

Professor Krumdieck has more than 160 peer-reviewed publications, supervised a total of 29 PhD students, and been awarded over $7M in research grants as principle investigator. Her latest MBIE-funded research project has received two Gold ratings. Her PBRF ranking is A (Top 15% of researchers in NZ). She serves on the editorial board for six journals, including Energies, Energy Conservation & Management and Biophysical Economics, and she has edited special issues of Energy Policy, Energies, and Sustainability. She has been an invited participant in the NZ Climate Forum, Ministry roundtables and workshops on future transport and energy strategies, and currently serves on the UC Sustainability Panel, and the Ministry of Transport Upper North Island Freight Supply Chain Strategy Working Group. She serves on the Scientific Advisory Board, Regional Center for Energy and Environment Sustainability (RCEES) Africa Centers of Excellence. In 2020 Susan was awarded Member of New Zealand Order of Merit. 

She has presented 25 invited conference keynote addresses, 28 invited research seminars, 15 workshops and 120 invited public lectures and seminars on Transition Engineering topics.