03 World Engineers Symposium 2020 | Future Ready 1


Watch the three following presentations on Climate Smart Engineering which were delivered at the World Engineers Symposium on 19 November 2020. Watch for free on EA OnDemand.  

Panel Discussion: Is the Post-COVID Future of Engineering Still Human? 

The Covid19 pandemic has disrupted individual education pathways and careers, organisational working patterns and national economies.  We will explore with the panel what Covid has meant for them personally as well as the topics of how should engineers more broadly continue to work together, where can they contribute most effectively and what role they play in rebuilding society?

Meredith Westafer

Industrial Engineer | Tesla (USA)

John Sukkar

Data Ecosystem Lead | Minderoo Foundation

Felicity Furey MIEAust

Director, Industry Partnerships | Swinburne University of Technology

Jon Williams (Moderator)

Partner | Fifth Frame

What Skills and Expertise will the Environmental Services Sector require to Thrive in the Future?

The last six months have presented unique challenges for business and the communities we support. However, this adversity brings opportunity for those businesses that can innovate and adapt. This principle applies equally to the environmental services sector.

In recent months the intrinsic value of our environment has become more apparent. How do we make sure that the heightened expectation within our communities that these values should be protected are reflected in the environmental outcomes for our projects?

In this presentation I will share my thoughts on why connectivity is so important if we want to build business resilience. I will also discuss the skills that we will require from the next generation of environmental practitioners if we are to provide the most impactful and lasting solutions for our communities.

William Rodger

Section Leader | Contaminated Land Assessment & Remediation ANZ

Digital Twins and the Future of Engineering

Digital twins are a popular topic at the moment but what are they, how are they different from engineering as usual and what does their rapidly increasing adoption mean for the future of engineering as a discipline? Stephen takes us through a vision of the future of engineering with some practical examples of how these principles can be and are being used by engineers today.

Stephen Witherden

Technical Fellow, Software Engineering | BECA