06 World Engineers Symposium 2020 | Climate Smart Engineering 2


Watch the three following presentations on Climate Smart Engineering which were delivered at the World Engineers Symposium on 20 November 2020. Watch for free on EA OnDemand.  

Climate Smart Engineering: engineers can transform Australia into a climate risk ready nation

CSIRO is building a national climate capability to support business and industry navigate climate change uncertainty. We want to address a key economic threat posed by a changing climate; specifically, the private sector’s inability to understand and respond to these changes, which if left unaddressed threaten the viability of our insurance, banking and superannuation systems in the next five years with direct consequences for Australian households.  We want to empower Australian businesses, and the engineering know-how behind them, with the ability to navigate multiple hazards, including the increasing frequency and severity of extreme events. Through evidence-based approaches to adaptation and transition, we can develop new jobs, opportunities and a strength based view of Australia’s future.

Juliet Bell

Lead Climate Risk Mission | CSIRO

Realising Australia’s Hydrogen Opportunity

Hear about the opportunities clean hydrogen presents for Australia and the steps Australian governments are taking to place Australia as a global leader in this emerging industry.

James Hetherington

Manager | Hydrogen Strategy Team

WFEO Declaration of Climate Emergency

Davide Stronati

Chair | WFEO Committee on Engineering and Environment (UK)