The high level of interest generated from the 2021 inaugural conference has inspired us to produce another event in 2022. This year CSE22 will be a solution-focused, three half-day event profiling national and international working and relevant projects. The projects will be curated from the renewable energy, transport, infrastructure and hydrogen/water industry sectors to provide practical, applicable solutions that will benefit engineers from across the profession. 

CSE22 is being designed as an accessible resource providing insights, takeaways and learnings that can be immediately applied by all attendees. The onus will be on multi-solving – engineers working together across disciplines and sectors to address the problem of climate change.

The event will allow for ideas and workable solutions to be shared and adapted for applications elsewhere, without the need for intellectual property rights or copyright infringements. 

CSE22 will put solutions to solve society’s biggest challenge at its centre.

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